30-Inch Duck-foot Shingle Ripping Wrecking Bar and Pry Tool

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN - Design incorporates multiple features ideal for demolition work of all kinds
  • SOLID STEEL - Forged from hardened alloy steel for lasting strength and durability
  • 30-INCH LENGTH - 30-inch length for premium leverage and maximum torque
  • 90-DEGREE HEAD - One end of tool features a 90-degree angled head perfect for lifting and prying
  • DUCKFOOT TIP - Serrated duck foot end ideal for removing roofing asphalt and wooden shingles
  • NAIL PULLERS - Features a split claw and an eyelet for pulling the toughest nails, spikes, and fasteners
  • PAINTED SHAFT - Tool shaft features a protective painted finish for increased rust resistance

California Proposition 65 Warning Symbol WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – http://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/.

Tackle a wide range of demolitions and deconstruction jobs with this handy wrecking bar and pry tool from Estwing. Forged in a single piece from hardened alloy steel, this strong and durable tool has a range of handy features including both a slotted claw and teardrop shape eyelet nail / fastener puller. One end of the crowbar style tool has a slight curve perfect for removing ceramic tiling while the other has a full 90-degree curve to allow maximum prying and leverage force when pulling free boards and beams. The reverse side of the curve can easily double as a hammer / striking face for breaking through boards and wall panels. The tip of the claw is beveled to allow it to bite into and penetrate between materials from metal and wood to drywall and concrete / masonry. The opposite end of the tool features a serrated duck foot that is perfect for removing asphalt roofing material as well as wood shakes and shingles. The tool body is painted in Estwing blue to provide increased protection for the tool from rust and corrosion as well as higher visibility.

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