JS Products & Estwing Manufacturing Company: Licensed Products

Since our inception in 1986, JS Products Inc. has been unwavering in our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We believe in not just creating tools, but in meticulously designing and crafting the highest quality tools and equipment to meet the diverse needs of the professional automotive and industrial sectors.

Our journey began with a specialization in specialty lighting devices, and over the years, our product range has expanded exponentially to include over 8,000 distinct products, structured into five robust business segments: Professional Automotive, Back Shop, Industrial, OEM, and Retail.

A key aspect of our growth and success has been our strategic partnerships and cooperative alliances, enabling us to enhance our offerings and ensure that we deliver the very best to our customers. We take pride in our comprehensive approach, from identifying market needs and developing unique designs to sourcing the finest materials and delivering top-of-the-line finished products. Our aim is to empower our customers and help them achieve their business aspirations.

One of the cornerstones of our esteemed partnerships is our licensing agreement with globally recognized brands, including Dewalt, Dickies, and Estwing. This alliance is not just a business agreement; it is a testament to the trust placed in our capabilities and our shared dedication to quality.

Understanding Licensed Products: The Estwing Partnership

JS Products Inc. is an authorized licensee of Estwing Manufacturing Company and has permission to manufacture various hand tools under the Estwing brand. This licensing agreement is a reflection of Estwing’s trust in our ability to uphold their standards of quality and reliability.

By granting this permission, Estwing ensures that the tools made under their name maintain the quality and reliability that you expect from the Estwing brand. So, when you buy an Estwing licensed tool, you're getting a product that meets Estwing's high standards of quality and durability.

With our global presence and corporate headquarters strategically located in Las Vegas, NV, and branch offices in key locations around the world, we are committed to delivering excellence wherever our products find a home. We are dedicated to providing outstanding tools and unparalleled customer service, as we continue to work tirelessly towards achieving our collective corporate objectives and upholding the legacy of quality associated with both JS Products Inc. and Estwing.